14 July 2005 - Q&A session

XP Admin logon
To logon using the (usually hidden) Administrator account, press Control-Alt-Delete, THEN DELETE AGAIN.
To logon as admin under XP Home you need to press F8 during boot to start in safe mode

 XP cheats hacks tweaks etc
Visit http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp.htm
and http://www.dougknox.com/

Diagnosing XP boot problems.
If XP fails during boot try BootVis  This utility Logs the boot process so that you can find the offending component.
If all else fails boot from a Knoppix CD (as per last month's talk) and copy vital data onto another PC.

To speed up XP boot.
Delete everything in C:\Windows\Prefetch.
This folder holds a list of things XP anticipates that you will use (based on previous usage history).
Each of these entries are "preloaded" at startup, so that when (if?!) you later run them they will start faster because parts have already been loaded into memory.

Large email attachments
To email large attachments eg photos, use yousendit.com .
This copies your large file to a website rather than attaching it and causing a (too?) large email.
The recipient can then click a link to that website in order to download the large file.

Location of My Documents.
By default, My Documents is stored in the same partition as XP.
This is bad news if (when!) you need to wipe XP and re-install it, since in doing so you would also wipe your data.
The default partition for My Documents can be changed. Exactly how was unclear, some suggested dragging it, or click the right mouse button on it
If anyone gets more info on this please let us know.