Contacting GXCC Committee

If you use Webmail then use the email address and use the subject line shown. If you have a local email client just click on the link displayed.

Request for more information

To request more information about GXCC use this link: Request for information

Please tell us what your want to know.

To join our mailing list

We have a regular newsletter that is emailed to subscribers. If you wish to join the mailing list (or to be removed from it) please use this link Mailing list Request

Request a Visitor Zoom link

If you are already a subscribing member of GXCC you will receive a Zoom link via the GXCC members only group.

If you want to join one if our meetings as a visitor then you will need to request a link to join our Zoom meeting. Please make your request using this email link: Visitor Zoom link please

The Zoom link you receive will be only be valid for a specific meeting.

Your first visit will be free but we will need a fee of £5 for subsequent visits.

Offer to give a talk

If you have a subject that you are willing to talk about please let us know: I am willing to talk about....

Please give us a brief synopsis of what you are able to share with us. We can help you to prepare any presentation material you may have.

Request to join GXCC

Please use this link to request to join GXCC: I would like to join GXCC.

You will receive information about how to pay your subscription and then an invitation to join our members only group.

Members contacting the Committee

Please just send an email to