Data Privacy Guide

Data Protection

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will collect, store and use your personal information in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations that relate to data protection and privacy, including the UK Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our Privacy Notice informs you what data we hold and our legal basis for holding that data. It also tells you how long we hold that data for and your rights to have it removed.

Our privacy Notice may be viewed in a new tab by clicking this link: Member privacy notice

Please note the GXCC Privacy Notice does not cover any third part site that can be visited by using the links provided on this site. They may, however, have their own privacy statements.

Consent Form

We ask for your explicit consent to collect and store your data. GXCC uses two third party service providers which are based in the USA and hence are outside the protection of the UK data protection legislation. We ask for separate consents in each case to enable us to pass your data to these service providers.

GXCC has created a form to collect members data which can be downloaded via this link: GXCC Consent Form. This link will download a PDF version of our membership form to the Downloads folder on your computer from where it can be moved to any folder of your choice.

A minimum set of data is necessary just to be able to run the club and the form makes it clear what information we need. A second phone number is optional but we encourage members to provide this where possible. Alternate sign-on details may be provided for the US systems if you prefer to maintain a separation from your main email address.

When you have completed the essential information, and provided any additional information, you need to click in the Consent Boxes to confirm that you understand our Privacy Notice and to provide your consent for GXCC to use your data for the purposes we have detailed.

Submitting the form

When you have completed the form, please save it on your local computer and then email it as an attachment to:


from the email address you have given as your primary email address. In this case it is not necessary to sign the form.

In normal times when we are holding face to face meetings you may also print it, sign it and bring it to a meeting.

We are required by the DPA to retain the form as proof that you have consented to our use of the data.