Member support – our support forum

While our meetings provide the opportunity for members to learn about computer related issues and to ask questions about immediate problems there are occasions when problems that arise but cannot wait. That is what our member's only support forum is for!

Our private Member's Only support group is hosted on a free forum hosting site, Groups-io, where we can make announcements about the club, send out Zoom invitations for the next meeting and where members can request help or advice. You can also respond to the members requests or offer news items yourself.

When you become a member of GXCC you will be invited to join our private group. You will be sent an email to the email address you have given us. This can the same email address you used when you joined the club or a completely different email address (if you choose that option when you join us). All you will need to do is to reply to that email! This will create your account. We do not insist you join but you will not get all the benefits of club membership if your don't!

Once you have completed this initial step you will start to receive all messages that are posted to the group. You can simply reply to these messages if you are able to answer the question or contribute to the discussion. You can raise your own question which will than be broadcast to all members. One of us will respond with advice or ask for more information.

You can use the email address you gave us to login to the Groups-io site into our private area and browse through previous questions and their responses. These are presented in what known as a “thread”, the question is followed by all replies (and replies to the reply…). When you log on you can change the way in which your receive emails. The normal way it to receive each message as soon as it is posted. You can also chose to receive a weekly “digest” or summary. You can also change your own email address if this is needed. Please note this is the ONLY way to change your email address on The GXCC group administrator cannot make this change.

Other Technical Support

One of our members, John Steele, has created a public site but advertised to our members and mentions our club on its welcome page. Use the Recommended Software support link on the menu to access it.

This provides links to a large number of programs, and other documentation, that members have recommended. The initial aim of this site was to limit the listing to Freeware. This is just what it sounds like – totally free. More recently some software does ask for a payment. The listing of each item makes this clear and the information provided was correct at the date the item was last updated. All new contributions to the listings are welcome!

Note however that there is sometimes pirated software available on the internet and, even worse, software that looks legitimate but actually has an embedded virus. As far as is known all of the software listed here through the published links is legitimate. Please let John know if you find anything that looks dodgy or if any of the information is no longer valid.

Some programs, within the spirit of Open Source software, ask for donations. That is your choice. Much of the software is of excellent quality. All of the software here is believed to be safe to use which is always something you must always consider when installing programs from the Internet.

There is a possibility (under discussion) that the functionality provided by John’s site can be merged into the club web site but at present it remains hosted on John’s own web site.